“Jim has a big heart and a sharp wit and both are on display in the pages of this book. So f*cking read it.”

– Seth Meyers

Caught With My Pants Down

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For more than four decades, Jim Piddock has navigated the turbulent waters of Broadway and Hollywood as an actor and a writer. In this highly entertaining and witty account of his journey from a small village in England to the heady heights of the Hollywood Hills, he pulls back the curtain-with remarkable honesty and humour – to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

But underneath this lighthearted, irreverent romp through the world of show business-and Jim’s involvement with Crystal Palace Football Club in his spare time-lie some deeper reflections and the incisive conclusions on what the real meaning of family is, how to make destiny-defining choices, and the importance of living life to the fullest.

“Jim has done that rare thing that perhaps only Michael Caine and David Niven have done before; conjured a funny, inclusive, whimsical, and magical tale.”

– Russell Brand

“hilarious, passionate, beautifully told, and memorably waspish.”

– Hugh Bonneville

“this laugh-out-loud book… entertains endlessly and most wisely.”

– Jean Smart

“When I wasn’t gasping or laughing my head off, I was wondering why my life is so boring compared to Jim Piddock’s.”

– Elizabeth McGovern

“Head to head with Shakespeare, most critics have said Jim would win in a knife fight.”

– Eddie Izzard

“Never less than extremely funny, intriguing, and thoroughly charming.”

– Diedrich Bader

“Often hilarious, sometimes wicked, and occasionally heartbreaking.”

– Bob Balaban

“Charming and hilarious… it’s the perfect ratio of funny, fascinating, and cringe.”

– Ike Barinholtz

“A joyous journey through a life well-lived.”

– Ed Begley, Jr

“An absolute classic. A truly wonderful read!”

– Mark Bright

‘You won’t find a more delicious, funny, and often very moving ride through the world of show business.”

– Camryn Manheim

“Delightful… everything from frozen turkeys and dildos to a trap door in a submarine. This is a must read!”

– Kevin Nealon

“A glorious adventure… peppered with wisdom, cautionary tales, and endless good humor.”

– Susanna Reid

“By turns philosophical and witty… this hilariously entertaining opus will have you laughing one moment, and surprisingly moved to tears the next.”

– Jacki Weaver

“Jim Piddock is a funny man with a trove of stories to tell.”

– Christopher Guest

“A crackerjack beaut doozy hot dog stuff humdinger jim-dandy lollapalooza book.”

– Frances Conroy

“The 21st century’s answer to David Niven’s classic Hollywood memoir The Moon’s A Balloon.”

– James Cosmo

“Honest, hilarious, and truly moving.”

– Victor Garber

“A great storyteller… the perfect read.”

– Jessalyn Gilsig

“An incredibly fun ride!”

– Cheri Oteri

“A wonderful read!”

– Nicholas Stoller

“Genial, cheeky, often hilarious, and grounded with a warm heart.”

– Douglas McGrath

“Too many comedic peaks to catalog them all here in a quote.”

– Chris O’Dowd

“A tender and touching delight.”

– Julian Sands

“What a great hang this book is!”

– John Cho

“A brilliant and colorful ride. Honest, witty, and quite simply a great read.”

– Ross King, MBE

“Hilarious, poignant, shocking, and fearless. What an unbelievable life!”

– Dave Kitson

“Laugh out loud funny… and hugely entertaining.”

– Jane Leeves

“Funny, heartwarming, and delightful.”

– Sean Maguire

“Dry as a bone, lethal as a rapier. Couldn’t put it down. Great read.”

– Ian McShane

“Hilarious and occasionally tear-jerking… I loved it.”

– Geoff Thomas, MBE

“A glorious, very funny, very tender, and addictive book.”

– Sophie Winkleman

“Reading this book is like… wining and dining with someone who you hope will keep talking, regaling you with their stories and making you laugh.”

– Mare Winningham

“Crazy entertaining… Jim Piddock has met everybody and pulls no punches.”

– Chris Weitz

All of the author’s royalties from the book will be donated to BAFTA’s Access for All program in the US, the Palace for Life foundation in the UK, and a charity to aid Ukrainian refugees.